Sir Joseph Noel Paton (1821 –1901) was a Scottish artist and poet who had a great knowledge of Scottish folklore and Celtic legends, the mythical realm inspired much of his work. He was asked by John Everett Millais to join the Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood but Paton declined. Although he painted in the refined realist Pre-Raphaelite style, he is best known for his works in the genre of fairy paintings. His work served as an inspiration to later generations of artists, the festive compositions of Brian Froud’s fairy illustrations are likely inspired by Paton.


Sir Joseph Noel Paton The Fairy Raid 1867

'Fact and Fancy' Ð little girl by a stream looking at an imaginary scene of little princesses, cherubs etc

Sir Joseph Noel Paton Fact and Fancy


Sir Joseph Noel Paton I Wonder Who Lived in There


Sir Joseph Noel Paton Hesperus 1855


Sir Jospeh Noel Paton The Questing Knight