Sir Edward John Poynter (1836– 1919) was an English artist who is best known for his refined scenes of antiquity. Poynter’s work is characteristic of Victorian art which appealed to the bourgeois taste for the exotic. Poynter studied painting in Paris at Charles Gleyre’s studio, where many of the young artists who were to become major Impressionists had their early training. But he was not himself drawn into the vortex of the new movements in art in France. In Britain, the Impressionists were regarded as amateurs who hardly knew how to draw. Poynter devoted himself to refined drawing and classical themes, and thus found favor with the British art-buying public. He became an R A in 1876 and was knighted in 1896.

Edward John Poynter ~ Idle Fears ~ 1894

Edward John Poynter ~ On the Temple Steps

Edward John Poynter ~ Asclepius attending to a thorn in the foot of Venus ~ 1880

Edward John Poynter ~ At Low Tide ~ 1912-14

Edward John Poynter ~ Wonders of the Deep

Edward John Poynter ~ Outward Bound ~ 1886